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Life Coach & Holistic Practitioner



Are you ready for more ease and personal fulfilment?


If you keep feeling stuck in certain areas of your life, you are not alone. Many people find that success comes easily with some activities, but they keep finding resistance to have the same control and ease in other areas. They know what they want to achieve, but the change just isn’t happening.

It does not have to be such a constant struggle! Making the life changes that are important for you is realistic and possible once you know what is preventing you from moving forward. Sometimes, becoming aware of an unhelpful way of thinking is enough to experience a breakthrough. Sometimes, further work is required to encourage deep change.


In my coaching programme, I encourage you to tap into your own resources to accomplish deep and sustainable change without strain or force. Using practical tools from NLP, we de-code the ‘script’ that your mind believes and that prevents expansion. The sessions help you transform the self-imposed limitations into a new, positive and resourceful mindset.

The coaching process is there for you to expand your life with greater clarity, power and confidence. Instead of endless talking, my sessions aim to empower you with specific strategies that are easy to learn and that you will have for life.

Life Coaching with NLP
Healing with Reiki
Mindfulness & Meditation 
Face Release Massage Treatment

Areas of Life Coaching



We often sabotage our own healing when we feel frustrated, fearful and stressed.

Learning to release the emotions and approaching the body with kindness and trust can remove the obstacles to natural balance and wellbeing.

The sessions help you address the root cause of the physical and/or emotional imbalance. The healing programme may also include meditation, visualisation and Reiki.


Taking steps towards a fulfilling career is about removing the fears that are holding you back and creating a new vision.

Becoming aware and releasing the ideas that don’t serve you any longer, you can gain clarity about your priorities, and map out the strategy to reach the career you truly want.


Good relationships can happen when we foremost have a good relationship with our self, putting our own fulfilment first and being our own best friend.

Again it is important to create a shift in awareness, find clarity about what you truly want and the inner resources to follow it through.



Investing in your self-worth is an investment in your financial worth.

When your self-worth is low it tends to be reflected in your bank balance. In terms of pricing alone, self-worth has a profound impact, as you tend to low-ball your prices, undercharge, and undercut when you have a poor (or less than realistic) view of your own value. Improving your self-worth is a big mindset shift that can have a profound effect on your business, your position at work, pay rise etc. When we wholeheartedly believe we are worthy – of financial gain, fair treatment, equality, etc. – and project that belief through our thoughts, words, actions, and interactions with others, the world responds.

Healing with Reiki


With this healing art, we can enjoy many benefits like improved physical well-being, increased mental clarity, renewed vitality, better sleep, and many more. It is particularly useful to combine Reiki with Life Coaching sessions related to health. However, it may be used in any situation which requires more ease and releasing aspects to be present.

Reiki is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, in any situation.

Please contact Monika for more details or to book a session.


Mindfulness & Meditation

The basic guideline in practising mindfulness is to become mindfully aware of whatever is most predominant in our moment-by-moment experience. This may be challenging as some things can be overwhelming. The easiest way to relax is, first, to stop trying to make things different. Accepting experience means simply allowing space for whatever is going on, rather than trying to create some other state.

Our mind is often reflecting on the past, worrying or indulging in what happened, or anticipating the future, either looking forward to events or fearing what might happen. The present is the only time we have to know what is actually happening. Meditation is an excellent tool to learn just that and train yourself in being aware and rooted in gentle, appreciative being 

Face Release Massage Treatment

This integrative therapy has been designed to bring about deep physical, emotional and mental release to those who receive it. In it’s full version it is a trio of treatments that includes head, face and neck/shoulders massage. It is predominantly a gentle massage yet it lifts your skin and exercises your facial, chest, neck and shoulders muscles in the way that you can see and feel an immediate difference after your first session.
Additionally, your energy can be boosted with a short Reiki Healing right at the end, if you wish to try it!

* increased relaxation and serenity
* clarity of thinking
* improved tissue and skin elasticity
* muscular release
* better sleep
* higher energy levels, vitality


The Resident Magazine - Face Facts Nina Theoharis finds serenity with a facial massage that offers more
"I had the pleasure of receiving a face massage from the wonderful Monika Jazwinska who has worked as a healer, coach and body worker since 2002. Not to be confused with a facial, this is a massage treatment for the face which utilizes several methods including Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic drainage and acupressure. Monika’s treatment was more than just a face massage. She incorporated Indian head massage and used firm strokes across my chest, neck and shoulders also – so it was pretty much a trio of treatments under the guise of just one, which came as a welcome surprise. Monika’s hand and finger movements across my face were such that it almost felt as though a machine was at work, meaning that the regularity of speed and pressure were unlike anything I thought capable of the human hand."


Contact Me

You can book your coaching session online, in Kensington at Anamaya Health, and in Chiswick at 2 locations.



Tel: 07746195959


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  • Kensington, Anamaya Health, just off Kensington High Street, No.1 Adam & Eve Mews, W8 6UG

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